Tash's Story

I found Functional Fitness through some friends that had started it and I was interested in the crazy workouts they were doing!  I then started training with Tracy Cooper at SF Gym West Coast CrossFit and haven't looked back!

Before that I swam during high school, dabbled in a bit of water polo during uni before getting involved in a few Rottnest Channel Swim crossings (1x team, 2x duo). Needless to say the thought of swim training does not excite me much these days! I have been training at West Coast CrossFit now for 4 years (wow time flies!)

My goals in the near future are to:

  • Bulletproof my shoulders,
  • Heal an old injury,
  • 130kg squat,
  • Snatch my old PR again,
  • And to be able to do ring dips pain free.

My goals for the distant future change all the time but at  the end of the day having a strong healthy body is my priority, whether I'm competing or training for fitness - only time will tell. I would love to compete at a high level again but some short term goals need to be achieved first.

My current training plan involves lots of shoulder rehab/stability work & strength training. I train 5x a week for 60-90mins per session. At least 2 sessions are conditioning based.


Things that make me tick - music, training, friends, family, food!

My kryptonite is - peanut butter

My favourite moment - there’s so many! I honestly can't choose.

My Sporting achievements - Australia Regionals 2012 & 2013