Meet Rach 

I started Functional training in 2014 when I was travelling around and “popped” into a CrossFit HomeFront and fell in love with a new sport! I tried the Open for the first time having barely done it before  (literally maybe 2 weeks) and was then completely hooked. I soon after this moved to Perth where I found Southern CrossFit which is where I think I truly ‘started’. Every week there were new movements to do and learn. It was AWESOME!

I come from a competitive Swimming and Soccer background, and am now currently follow programing by #shreddedbyscotty Scotty Holmes 

My currently week looks a bit like this ·
Monday Rest Day  
Tuesday AM & PM session  
Wednesday PM session  
Thursday Rest  
Friday AM & PM session  
Saturday 1 big session
Sunday 1 big session

Favourite Movements & Workouts:
1. Snatches for singles and not too light!
2. Handstands of any variety (strict, kipping, walking)
Workouts – Give me Big Ol’ Chippers any day! Preferably with a large number of box jumps or handstands!

In 2018 the focus is definitely regionals! Every day I am motivated by my love of this sport and my desire to succeed. I know what I want (to go to regionals) and I’m not afraid to put in the work! Some days it’s certainly tough, working fulltime as a Teacher and attempting to be a competitive athlete… But when you love what you do, it makes it easy.

What's your fav Beast Mode Athletica piece of apparel?
My Booty Shorts Fo Shaw! – They are super comfy and super flattering. Although it’s a close second for the Performance shorts… also great for wods and look good. All the gear is great quality, it’s super comfy to wear everyday but more importantly in a WOD, combine that with the added bonus of looks awesome – you can’t go wrong!

A few of Rach's Stats: 
Snatch 72.5kg
Hang Clean 85kg
Clean and Jerk 85kg
BackSquat 110kg
Front Squat 92.5kg
|OHS 90kg for two
Helen: 8:19
Fran: 3:40
5KM Row 20:09