I am Luke Fiso, owner of Instinct Fitness - (Affiliate: Thorndon CrossFit). My nickname in the gym is Duke Filo (not sure why).

I grew up playing a lot of sports competitively including Basketball, Athletics, Rugby, and Touch. I played Premier Rugby in Wellington for 4 years before finding Functional Fitness, when Rob Forte and Lindsey Valenzuela came to Wellington for the Wellington Cup. I starting building these style workouts into my normal Globo-gym bodybuilding style training before joining a box 5 months later.


I am very competitive so excelling in the sport and making it to the Games has always been the goal from the start. My training is focused on improving my barbell strength, a big weakness I found after the 2016 Pacific Regionals.


I love everything about training, the challenge, the frustration, the pain, waking up each day not knowing exactly how it will go. The best part for me is that it is completely objective - it doesn't matter who you are, if you don't put in the work you will never succeed.


I really enjoy running, snatches and any kind of squatting. My favourite workouts are anything long and grindy, I quite like doing 'Frantasy Land'. I am terrible with food and just try to eat whatever I have to in order to fuel my training. A big part of my goals and planning for 2017 Regionals is around eating more food and better quality food.



Some of Luke's Personal Bests:

Snatch: 125kg

Clean and Jerk: 143kg

Back Squat: 195kg

Deadlift: 220kg

Press: 85kg

Fran: 2:27

Grace: 1:43

Annie: 5:33

Cindy: 28rds

Max Muscle Ups: 16

Max Pull Ups: 51

Kipping HSPU in 30s: 32

2k Row: 6:38

2k Run: 7:42