Open Workout 16.2 - Recap

What a beauty of a workout: 

4mins to complete each round - add 4mins once each round is complete. 

25 Toes to Bar, 50 Double Unders, 15 Cleans at 61/38kgs 

25 Toes to Bar, 50 Double Unders, 13 Cleans at 83/52kgs 

25 Toes to Bar, 50 Double Unders, 11 Cleans at 102/65kgs 

25 Toes to Bar, 50 Double Unders, 9 Cleans at 124/79kgs 

25 Toes to Bar, 50 Double Unders, 7 Cleans at 142/93kgs 


If you were strong enough to get that all done in under 20mins you are an incredible Beast. 


So how did the team go this week??

  • Tash showed some massive dominance on this workout with 1 rep at 92kgs. We knew she loved a good clean but getting through that amount of Toes to Bar alone is a strength in itself.  This helped Tash bump herself into the top 50 and with a few more good workouts she is still in with a shot at making regionals again. 
  • Ryan showed the same dominance with the exact same score and managing to get 1 clean at 142kgs. Comfortably sitting himself in 21st place over all in AU/NZ so far. 
  • Quinn came incredibly close to making it into the final round missing out on the 4th round by only 1 rep!! Her score still keeps her in a solid 27th overall and within the top 30. 
  • Mell traveled all the way from Sale Vic and then went on to throw down at Legion for a solid score of 339 reps. This places her in 106th Overall and still gives her a chance to break into the top 50. 


So to the rest of WA

Teams up this time: 

Injustice Crew takes top spot in 7th place with both Quinn and Ryan in the team. These guys have been training hard and picking up some fresh new talent in the likes of Ngarimu and Marnie Becker they are looking good to not only finish the Opens within the top 10 but also to give those 5 spots to the Games a good run for their money.


Range Of Motion sits in 12th spot. Again these guys prove to be among the top in AU/NZ with Bryn and Callum Foster sitting inside the top 60 and Helen Harding in an amazing 11th spot, it will be more of a question as to who is going teams and who is going individuals. 


Legion place's themselves 24th this week. Captain Cem is sitting in 68th spot and climbing back along with Ang in incredible 6th Overall. Hopefully these guys have some more good workouts and keep the climb going. 


Rounding out the Top 30 are Southern CrossFit who with the experience of 5 Regionals and 1 Games in the bag can never be counted out. Along with their big dogs like Michelle & Fin they will be fighting there way back into the top 20. 


Still within reach and in the top 60 are Team Super Box - 38th, CrossFit Artax 46th & CrossFit Frantic 49th. 

Lots can change in the teams and we see it every year if anyone decides to go individual their scores will alter the teams placings making it a nail biting last few weeks. 



Posted on March 9, 2016 .