Open workout 16.1

With the first week of the Open done for 2016 we take a look into the Australian/NZ & WA Leader boards to see how everyone survived.

The BMA Beasts  

The BMA Beasts  

Our BMA Athletes first up!! 

Melissa Hill from Sale CrossFit in Victoria crushed it with a whopping 230 reps to see her comfortably sitting 135th spot in AU. Mell loves the heavy stuff and has a epic gas tank to match it so we are looking forward to seeing her crush some heavy barbell complex's that maybe coming up. - P.S this pic of Mel pretty much sums up how we all felt after 16.1!! 

Tash Bradley looks to be well healed from her previous Bicep injuries last year and threw out a very respectable 240reps to get her 94th in AU. Along with Mel, Tash has not only been a solid competitor and around the WA community forever she loves a good Barbell WOD too so hopefully 16.2 will deliver. 

Quinn Te Kahu - what can we say, this beast has come leaps and bounds over the last year, she is truly one to watch in the upcoming season. With a score of  265 reps and 38th in AU it was more so the fact she apparently LOVED this workout that gets us a little concerned for her sanity :) 

And last but certainly not least the Caveman himself Ryan Woodall. He gave a solid effort as expected and threw down 287 reps to get him sitting 49th in AU. Ryan along with the rest of us is hoping for some heavy barbells in 16.2 or possibly a repeat of 15.5 ekkkk. 



Ohky lets take a look at how the rest of WA went:

WA Men  

WA Men  


WA Women

WA Women

If you were preficiant in your chest to bars and could man handle the lunges 16.1 came down to pure grit, gas and who could simply keep moving fast.

Kosta, Hayden, Ang, Carly & Helen are all sitting pretty inside the top 30 athletes within Australia/NZ and if they keep on the same track they will be in reach of those 30 spots to regionals. 

Those sitting just outside but sill in the top 60 include Abbey, Leah, Quinn, Ngarimu, Callum, Ryan, Keiren and Adam. Some familiar names and big dogs who are still in reach include Cem, DLL, Michelle & Tash who we are all gunning for and ready to watch them climb their way back up!! 

It is after all only week one and as we all know anything is possible. We will see the leader board change numerous times over the next 5 weeks so keep crushing it everyone!! Next week we will be back checking in and taking a further look into the WA Teams who are giving it a red hot crack. 

Koodos to anyone who repeated that workout too 💥💥👊

Posted on March 2, 2016 .